Protect Customers from Cellular Cyber Crimes, Telkomsel Collaborates with JagaJaga

Telkomsel- JagaJaga Press Release

Today, we are proud to announce that Zimperium partner, PT WOLU has collaborate with Telkomsel in providing a world-class mobile cybersecurity protection app (branded JagaJaga®) for their consumer customers in Indonesia – the biggest population in Asia to combat the current high level of mobile threats risk situation.

JagaJaga® is designed as one-stop real-time (with zero-day detection capability) security app service for both Android and iPhone mobile users. This app is highly effective to safeguard users known/unknown malicious and malware attacks, phishing site protection and against hacker attacks via Wi-Fi network. In addition, JagaJaga® provides content security protection such as encrypted files storage, photo vault which prevent user’s files and photo from stolen by hackers – the first-ever mobile security app that embedded with such useful capabilities.

For example, if an attack via Wi-Fi is detected, JagaJaga app will advise users to disconnect their device from the unsafe network. Similarly, JagaJaga app uses the leading machine learning technology to detect abnormal app activities, and advises the users to take action before their device is exploited or information is stolen. JagaJaga app leverages the defense level AES-256 encryption technology to secure the files in customers mobile devices.

Telkomsel as the leading digital telco company in Indonesia always focus on providing safe and convenient access to customers as they live up their digital lifestyle especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Telkomsel has implemented initiatives on ensuring safe and secure connection for customers. One of the initiatives is collaboration with JagaJaga® to provide affordable mobile security service for Indonesian market that can be subscribed monthly or annualy for post and prepaid Telkomsel’s subscribers.

CEO of Zimperium, Mr. Shridhar Mittel has shared that mobile devices are the new frontier for cyber criminals that consumers have become sitting ducks for malicious attacks. As more consumers store important files and personal photos on their mobile devices, habits like connecting to public Wi-Fi networks have become even more dangerous. That is why Telkomsel is committed to giving its customers the highest level of protection against the broadest array from mobile devices, network and application based mobile attacks plus contents security service. As you may have seen in the news, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), through its Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), selected Zimperium to deliver comprehensive Mobile Endpoint Protection (MEP) to service members around the world. Our mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions will protect DoD mobile endpoints against phishing, malicious/risky apps, OS exploits and network attacks. You can read the official news release here

According to the news release, the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) selected Zimperium for many reasons, including:

Superior Detection:

  • Ability to detect both known and unknown threats across all threat vectors (device, network, phishing and malicious apps);
  • On-device detection without the delays and risks of cloud-based lookups; and
  • Detailed forensics, with an unmatched view into app and device risks

Along with high usage of mobile device for personal and business, cyber -threat and -criminal cases on mobile devices increasing significantly in our country. “Telkomsel is first mobile operator in Indonesia responding the situation by partnering with us to educate mobile device users the importance of mobile device protection in digital era, this mobile security app will minimize as much as any risk of unnecessary data leak caused by malware”, said Napoleon Dadas, business development director of JagaJaga®.

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